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Candino was founded in 1947 by Adolf Flury-Hug, who opened a watch-making studio in the annex of his family home
in Herbetswil in the Swiss canton of Solothurn. Even today, the original workshop proudly remains standing beside the
company's ultra-modern factory inaugurated in 1989. Not by chance has it resisted the onslaughts of time and modernization
- for it's a symbol of the commitment of Candino to remain faithful to the principles of its founders.
Swiss made quality reflects the excellence of Swiss made products. Candino has quality control tests carried out at
all levels of the manufacturing process. Moreover, a rapid and efficient after-sales service underlines this guarantee
and contributes to its good reputation among its sales outlets and international customers.
Candino is not just content with making every effort to manufacture products of impeccable quality. Respect and honesty
are also a matter of principle. The company's philosophy is that it should always offer a better performance, increased
reliability and more style at a fair price. Candino customers appreciate the opportunity of being able to benefit from
good quality at a decent price, and so continue to place their trust in the company.

Candino factory in Herbetswill, Switzerland

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