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about us

Founder, Arno Ruijzenaars

Less of the same, more of the different.

We believe that life's too beautiful for dull design and boring basics. That's why we founded LEFF amsterdam: to make outspoken objects that tell the time or light up their surroundings. Your life deserves interesting surroundings.

All LEFF products are designed by international designers, developed with personality and style and the utmost attention to durability and quality. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we did making them.

Because, LEFF is more!

Signature Arno

Arno Ruijzenaarsfounder


Wiebe Teertstra

wiebe teertstra

After designing and developing home accessories including clocks for many years it is a challenge to design and realize ultimate “no limit” time pieces from scratch for LEFF.
We have created the new standard in time by creating timeless works of art. New dimensions, new standards, new looks. It is great to be part of LEFF because : LEFF is more.

Erwin Termaat

erwin termaat

From my childhood on it was clear that I had a passion for creating. Creating in general, but designing products in particular. With a background in engineering I try to fuse creativity and technology in my designs.
As in-house designer of LEFF amsterdam I create contemporary products which can be described as accesible design, just linking usual things to create something unusual.

Reinhard Dienes

reinhard dienes

My works are always inspired by three principles; the function, the materials and the details of the everyday object. The shape and structure of the wyzer are inspired by PET bottles. The properties of this plastic makes it possible to manufacture the hands extremely light, stable and with a very small thickness.
The wyzer is composed from just two big hands. These hands are the only visible parts of the clock. That is why any wall will be a good background and making it into the biggest clock you can have in your room.

Deson Wang and Mike He

deson wang and mike he

We create our works with experimental methods. Rather than fulfilling current needs, the purpose of our works is to explore the possibility between people and objects: it could be positive or sarcastic.
We believe the aim of design is not simply providing a solution, but also reflecting the designer’s life experiences and thoughts. We wish to bring more affecting moments to people’s lives in a humorous way.

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