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Zuccolo, Rochet et Cie

ZRC is the world market leader of watchstraps replacement in leather, metal and synthetic with 65%
of market shares. Thanks to its 108 years  of experience in watchmaking and jewellery, ZRC has gained
a recognized know-how among professionals. The brand has a worldwide presence with about 15 000
retail outlets across the 5 continents.

There are more than 4000 references and 130 exclusive models
in ZRC collection, all available in many sizes, colours and skins.
Committed to innovation, the brand offers each year some new
models like the Bioconfort line, 100% chrome free, antiallergic
and biodegradable.

Thanks to its prototyping centres in France and India, ZRC is also
able to manufacture on demand and singly straps for replacement,
strictly conform to the originals. This know-how is a real art in itself.



ZRC is also a manufacturer of POS displays. The Group has set up its own joinery workshop and integrated the
production of its entire shop furniture range in Annecy. ZRC offers an “on-demand POS” service and builds
tailor-made displays suiting shop dimensions and meeting jeweller needs.

ZRC Corner is a turnkey concept of sale‘s point. The corner is developed by ZRC and installed in French
biggest department stores like “Le Printemps” in Paris. More than just a retail outlet, the corner is a nice
tool to promote brand’s products, know-how and notoriety.

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